Dear Brian:
Year after year, season after season, we have relied on you for an amazing array of services. In the winter it was the speedy removal of snow and application of ice melt on the porch and driveway. Spring, summer and fall, you showed up, took care of the yard, cut, raked, applied mulch, trimmed and transplanted as needed, and shaped the hedges and shrubbery. In addition, you re-sided the entire southern side of the house, stopped a leak in the kitchen window, moved a large flat stone to divert rainwater away from the house, painted the bathroom on the second floor with two coats of paint because we changed our mind on the color.
You were faithful, diligent, reliable, prompt and accurate with your monthly billing (which we found clearly detailed and reasonable)and always a pleasure to work with. There were many other acts you performed simply as a good neighbor, too. Maybe returning the trash cans when we were out of town, picking up delivered mail when we were late returning from a trip, helping us pack and move when we came to NH.
Day after day, year after year, you made our life more comfortable, more secure, much more pleasant. No wonder the neighbors used to tell us how very attractive and presentable our yard always looked. You did it. And we remain truly grateful for your support.


Don and Dottie